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iPad Pro pictures leak with larger form factor

Luke Johnson


iPad Pro

The first iPad Pro pictures have leaked, with a dummy model of Apple’s upcoming oversized tablet appearing online.

Hitting the web courtesy of Chinese social network Weibo, a spy shot of an aluminium backplate said to be from the as yet unconfirmed iPad has surfaced.

Although offering no details on the iPad Pro’s specs, the leaked image has hinted that the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 sibling will line up at somewhere between 12-inches and 13-inches in size.

Long rumoured, the iPad Pro is expected to be something of a response to Samsung’s oversized and business-orientated Samsung Galaxy NotePRO offering.

While we suggest the leaked image be taken somewhat lightly, given its less than official roots, the iPad Pro dummy model have appeared alongside a shot of a claimed iPhone 6 dummy unit.

With no working components, just a shell, dummy models are often sent to case and accessory makers, allowing third-party manufacturers to prep peripherals for leading gadgets in time for launch.

The iPad Pro has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumours in recent months. A high-powered, sizeable laptop replacement, the tablet looks set to enter the realms of reality this autumn as part of a mass of new Apple announcements

With September and October looking set to be a busy period for the Cupertino-based manufacturer, the iPad Pro is expected to touch down alongside the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and a new iPad mini offering, as well as the much mooted Apple iWatch.

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June 18, 2014, 3:03 am

In my humble opinion this is a deliberate fake by Apple, it's too big and won't sell at this size. What will is bigger and iPad but not this big with both iOS & OSX, or OSX with an iOS touch functionality. What MIcrosoft keep getting wrong is that the OS and the applications are simply not touch friendly enough. We spend more of our time consuming and doing light work, emails, simple text input so Apple's excellent design where I can write this on an iPad using the screen keyboard whilst the page always sit well on the screen. I've tried this on windows 8.1 and it simply does not flow like iOS and is so awkward. I think the sales support my views as do the profits... So is the new language just released for iOS also going to be the port for OSX? Imagine this being used to combine iOS and OSX together. Perhaps that last comment is a stretch too far but hey I love tech, both MS and Apple so rock-on chaps... :-). PS. I'd buy the hybrid in a flash and I have also just bought a Surface Pro 3 and I am fearful it won't be usable like an iPad without the keyboard, I.e, will the onscreen keyboard and the apps work smoothly and aligned and work together on the page... MS, your answer in my opinion above, but I would think that wouldn't I...

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