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Navigon 40 Premium
  • Navigon 40 Premium
  • Navigon 40 Premium
  • Navigon 40 Premium
  • Navigon 40 Premium
  • Navigon 40 Premium
  • Navigon 40 Premium
  • 40 Premium Automobile Portable Navigator (10.9 cm 4.3" - Touchscreen - MultiMediaCard MMC, Secure Digital SD Card - Text-To-Speech, Lane Assist - USB)


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Although Navigon’s entry-level personal navigation devices have often been great value, such as the 1210, its higher-end models have tended to focus too heavily on flashy 3D widgets. The 8410, for example, renders navigation in select cities like a three-dimensional videogame, albeit one from the late 1990s. Navigon's 40 Premium shies away from that, and focuses on core navigation features instead.

The 40 Premium heralds a new naming strategy for Navigon. Instead of a four-digit number, two digits and a word are used. The 40 series is the mainstream 4.3in widescreen form factor, whilst the 70 series is the larger 5in widescreen. Alongside this, there are Easy, Plus and Premium models, and even Live versions of the Premium that sport mobile data-enabled interactive services. However, there is currently no 3.5in non-widescreen included in the range.

The 40 Premium is therefore the new mainstream widescreen Navigon choice, although a host of previous releases remain available. This model doesn’t have any of Navigon’s 3D widgets as standard, such as the landmark models, city block approximations in City View 3D or game-like realistic three-dimensional portrayals of city centres in Real City 3D. But we remain dubious about the usefulness of these features, and what the 40 Premium does add is potentially more useful anyway.

The most significant addition to the map view is Active Lane Assistant. Navigon’s Lane Assistant already showed a schematic at junctions illustrating which lanes to be in for the correct turning. But now this schematic is animated and three dimensional. We didn’t find this was universally available on all roads we drove during testing, but it’s included on enough to be useful. Considering how easy it is to find yourself in the outside lane when your turning is looming, this animated graphic gives you a more timely warning than the map to pull over to the inside lane. At select motorway interchanges, you also get Reality View Pro, Navigon’s take on the full-screen realistic graphic designed to show even more detail, including the signposts you should be looking out for.

Chris Rees

December 29, 2010, 4:52 pm

Have they sorted out the two MAJOR issues?

1) TMC cannot utilise Classic FM, therefore whole swathes of the motorway (M4 Chepstow to London for example) are not covered.

2) Route timings are atrocious as they expect you to SPEED at 80-90mph on the motorways...

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