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Iiyama ProLite E2472HD review

Ardjuna Seghers



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Iiyama ProLite E2472HD
  • Iiyama ProLite E2472HD
  • Iiyama ProLite E2472HD
  • Iiyama ProLite E2472HD
  • Iiyama ProLite E2472HD


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LED is the display buzzword of 2010, and for good reason: at least in televisions LED-backlighting usually leads to better contrast (than traditional CCFL) and, as it's often used in premium models, is generally a marker of good quality. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for laptop displays and monitors, as the BenQ V2220 provided regrettable evidence for. Now we're taking an exclusive look at the brand-new Iiyama ProLite E2472HD, an LED backlit, Full HD 24in monitor, to see if it manages to avoid these failings.

One thing edge LED-backlighting does guarantee is slimness, and the E2472HD is no exception, with a width of just 2cm at its edges widening to 3cm at its back. Admittedly this isn't quite as svelte as the 1.5cm V2220, but then we're dealing with a significantly larger display here, and it still looks incredibly slim (thanks in part to its tiny external power supply). It also weighs very little and is easy to carry around one-handed.

We experienced a little unexpected difficulty with assembly, which we hope is unique to our sample: the thumb-ring screw that secures the weighted base to the rest of the monitor was impossible to tighten by hand. Worst case scenario this only requires a flat-head screwdriver though, so it's no big deal. Aside from this niggle, build quality is great for a budget display, with strong plastics and nary a hint of creak.

Once assembled, the E2472HD definitely looks the part too. Its all-glossy finish inevitably attracts fingerprints and shows off dust, but with a bit of maintenance it remains attractive and contrasts nicely with the textured, slightly curved matt back. There are no unsightly vents, insets or buttons to break its clean lines, either, and its narrow bezel (1.7cm except for the broader base) emphasizes its slender impression.

Connectivity is quite good, with VGA, DVI and HDMI video inputs, and a 3.5mm output for HDMI audio. The latter is often lacking even on premium monitors, though as the E2472HD doesn't have speakers of its own (something to be thankful for, as in a display this thin they would almost undoubtedly be rubbish) its exclusion would have been odd. These connections face out from a very slight recess, making them supremely easy to hook-up, but they do upset the screen's minimal profile somewhat.


May 26, 2010, 4:36 pm

Hi, this is not related to this monitor specifically, but can anybody tell me what happened to DisplayLink monitors? They looked so promising and Trusted Reviews were big fans, but when I tried to find a monitor with Display Link the other day i couldn't find one?!?


May 26, 2010, 5:01 pm

Off topic - are there any LED backlit displays with a tv tuner?

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