D-Link DKT-810 ADSL2/2+ Modem Router Starter Kit Review


Key Features

  • Review Price: £128.35

D-Link has been busy with its wireless broadband routers and currently has one of the largest ranges on the market. Not content with this it’s now started to bundle them together into a family of starter kits designed to give you a leg up into the world of wireless networks. The DKT-810 kit brings together a DSL-2740B ADSL2/2+ modem router and DWA-140 wireless-n USB adapter and although this is nothing particularly special, D-Link wants to tempt you further by offering an eleven-year warranty on its wireless-n products. A nice idea but are you really going to be still using this package in 2018?

D-Link has another wireless-n starter kit and you need to pick carefully to make sure you get the right one. A key feature of the DSL-2740B is its integrated ADSL2/2+ modem but you only get a quad of switched Fast Ethernet ports. Meanwhile, the DKT-410 bundle offers the same USB stick but partners it with a DIR-635 broadband router. It has more features and costs slightly less but you will need to source a separate cable or ADSL modem with an Ethernet port.

Installation won’t take long as you load the bundled CD-ROM, connect the router as instructed and add your ISP details when requested. Since we last looked at the DSL-2740B, D-Link has improved the procedures as you get a much larger selection of UK based ISPs. We had no problems with our BT account and had Internet access in a matter of minutes. The routine then moves on to wireless setup where you get the chance to activate WEP or WPA encryption. The CD also covers the USB stick and provides a wizard to help load the drivers plus the monitoring utility and then helps you connect to the router. However, the DWA-410 is a chunky little devil so check first where your USB ports are located on your laptop as it may not fit. The power input socket on our Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook is right next to the USB ports so we had to use a USB extender cable – something you don’t get in the kit.

In our original review we encountered problems with the router as the web interface refused to let us in and required a reset back to factory defaults to clear it. Not so this time around as the new router worked without any such problems. Note that both the SPI firewall and intrusion detection are switched off by default. You do get basic NAT protection activated but it would make more sense to have the firewall switched on to provide some extra protection.