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Titanfall 3: EA confirms a new game is in development

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 is a fantastic shooter, and one of 2016’s finest games. By building upon the original with a robust solo campaign and an equally impressive suite of multiplayer options, players got an absolute treat.

Despite underwhelming sales, Respawn and EA have said they are committed to Titanfall, so we will hopefully see a fully-fledged sequel in the years to come. We’ve compiled a wishlist of things we’d love to see in Titanfall 3.

Titanfall 3 News

Respawn Entertainment was recently purchased in its entirety by publisher Electronic Arts. With this announcement also came the confirmation of a new title in the Titanfall series. Respawn is yet to confirm whether this will be Titanfall 3 or an entirely new venture, but we’re very eager to find out either way.

Titanfall 3 wishlist – What we’d love to see

A more diverse cast of characters

Titanfall 2 had a surprising amount of heart, making us care for rifleman Jack Cooper and his mechanical buddy, BT-7274. Their relationship was one of tragic coincidence, and watching them grow closer through combat was oddly touching, if somewhat generic in execution.

Cooper was an incredibly bland protagonist, having little backstory beyond a history in the military and an obvious talent for shooting folk. We want Titanfall 3 to expand upon its cast of characters, perhaps serving up multiple pilots to control across the campaign.

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A longer campaign

The solo campaign in Titanfall 2 is excellent, rivalling the likes of Wolfenstein and Dishonored 2 in terms of ingenuity and epic set pieces. Something exciting was always taking place, encouraging you to use all the tools at your disposal.

Unfortunately, it was over far too soon. The credits rolled after four or five hours with a relatively anticlimactic conclusion. Some of the clever ideas introduced throughout the campaign were restricted to single levels, and it was impossible to experiment with them whenever you liked.

We want to see a longer and more ambitious campaign It’s a hard ask, but something that’d make a wonderful shooter even better.

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Improve on the ugly skin customisation

One pet peeve with Titanfall 2 multiplayer was its mediocre selection of customisation options. There were plenty of skins and decals to choose from, but none of them looked particularly good. In fact, some were downright ugly.

The fact that Respawn Entertainment attempts to sell some of these as optional microtransactions is laughable, although some players may adore the divisive visual makeover. We, however, weren’t big fans.

For Titanfall 3, what if each specific class was given a selection of unique skins to unlock. Perhaps they could be ranked in terms of rarity with a similar system to Overwatch or Lawbreakers. It would certainly give players more incentive to work through the progression system.

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Local co-op

Split-screen multiplayer has become an unfortunate rarity in modern shooters, often relegated to guest spots in team deathmatch instead of old school offline free-for-all. This should change with Titanfall 3 by introducing a brand new co-op mode.

Gears of War is arguably the pioneer in this field, constantly producing an excellent horde mode with each new entry. Titanfall 3 could do the same, having you and your friends face off against hostile AI robots or enemy militia.

Titanfall 2’s online modes have already proven that there is enough enemy variety to warrant such a mode. Grunts, Spectres and even Titans could be thrown at us as we work together to survive. A Pilot’s parkour in a horde mode setting also sounds amazing.

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More Titan options

Despite vastly increasing the number of Titan models available to pilot, Titanfall 2 was still somewhat restrictive when it came to personalising them. You could only pick an individual chassis instead of mixing and matching different arms, legs and body parts.

Imagine if each individual part had its own repertoire of unique stats. This would make the act of assembling your titan a game in itself, and far more personal to you as a player. New parts could also be rewarded by completing in-game challenges.

What’s on your wishlist for Titanfall 3? Let us know on social media!