Pixel XL users experiencing fast-charging confusion after Android Pie update

Users are reporting that the Google Pixel XL seems to be experiencing problems with fast-charging, after installing the Android Pie update.

While normally the handset displays a “Charging rapidly” notice while fast-charging, when running the latest software this note disappears, leaving users with no easy way to verify how quickly their handset is powering back up.

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Fast-charging was one of the standout features of the original Pixel XL’s launch, with its debut trailer promising that it could get 7 hours of charge by being plugged in for just 15 minutes thanks to the USB Power Deliver (USB-PD) functionality that’s been built into every Pixel phone released.

You need cables and plugs that are certified for USB-PD in order to get handsets to fast-charge, but Android Police reports that users have said these cables no longer cause the phone to show this message.

Although users in the Android issue tracker thread are reporting that they’ve been able to get the icon to appear again by powering down their device and then waiting 15-20 seconds before plugging in the charger, a developer later marked the issue as “Won’t Fix (Infeasible)”, indicating that the problem is unlikely to be solved by the core Android development team, possibly because its a problem with Google’s Pixel drivers rather than the core Android operating system.

Gotta charge fast

It’s unclear from the issue tracker whether phones are refusing to fast-charge with the new update, or whether the problem is simply that the icon isn’t appearing.

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Either way, we hope the issue gets solved. Receiving long-term update support for its handsets is a key reason why people buy Pixel phones in the first place, and if bugs remain unsolved then this could become a black mark against future devices, such as the Google Pixel 3 — expected to see a release in October.

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