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Google said to have 8.9-inch Nexus tablet in the works

Recent reports suggest that Google is working on an 8.9-inch addition to its Nexus tablet family.

At present, the Google Nexus range includes two basic tablet sizes, the Google Nexus 7 and the Google Nexus 10. We may be set to add the Google Nexus 9 to that roster.

That’s what IHS Technology has told CNET. This device will be a “high-performance” tablet with an 8.9-inch screen – the same size as the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

The report claims that production of this new Google tablet will begin in July or August, and that unlike previous Nexus devices, performance will be the priority ahead of a low price. As such, it could well cost more than $299, which would carry it within range of the iPad mini 2 Retina.

Who might make this premium medium-sized tablet for Google, you might wonder? It could well be HTC, if the source’s hunch is to be believed.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first report to emerge this week predicting an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet. On Tuesday, Taiwanese trade website DigiTimes spoke of just such a device.

That report spoke of a 2K resolution display, which would certainly tally with the latest “high performance” talk.

Of course, this latter source has an extremely spotty record with such tech predictions, but added to the latest report it takes on a little more weight.

The question we’ve got is, is Google set to abandon the 10-inch category altogether in favour of a slightly sleeker tablet?

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