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Apple Watch to double as TV remote thanks to Peel Pronto

Peel Pronto, a 360-degree infrared remote receiver and blaster, will let Apple Watch owners control their TV and home theatre using the upcoming smartwatch.

Peel Pronto is a joint venture between Philips and Peel – the app makers behind the remote control app on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9.

Essentially a small pyramid-like device, the Peel Pronto can be placed in various locations to control most infrared devices. Smartphones and tablets with IR blasters included won’t require Peel Pronto, just the Peel app. The Pronto is built with iOS and the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 owner in mind, although it will also be compatible with older Apple devices that support low-energy Bluetooth. None of  these products come with IR blasters built in.

The Apple Watch will be able to connect to the Peel Pronto using low-energy Bluetooth, the Pronto will then convert the signal to infrared and send it to the TV, sound-bar, blu-ray player or any other compatible device that can be controlled using infrared.

Set-up is simple, the Peel Pronto uses four AA batteries that let it last for more than a year. This means you won’t need to clutter your TV stand with more cables or use up a precious plug socket.

“You can position the Pronto anywhere in your living room and it will even work slightly behind the TV because the signal can bounce off the wall or you can put it on the coffee table.” Rogier Thissen, Innovation and New Business Development Manager for Philips Home Control, told TrustedReviews.

Apple Watch compatibility will come he promises, “We are waiting for the Apple Watch to be released, but there will be a Peel Pronto app for it”.

Quite how well it will work on such a small screen we’re not yet sure.  

The Peel Pronto is available in the US now for $49 and will be coming to the UK and Europe in the next few months.