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Best Games for Kids 2016


Exclusive to Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo still knows better than anyone else how to forge a fantastic, old-school 2D platform game, but where some recent examples are a little too tough for younger games – hello Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and New Super Mario Bros. U – Yoshi’s Woolly World is an absolute treat. The world in question, seemingly hand-knitted from wool, is as imaginative as it’s irresistible, while the woolly Yoshi heroes are about as cute as game stars come.

This is a smart, imaginative adventure, where Yoshi can pull woolly enemies and portions of the scenery apart, stitch by stitch, then use the yarn in clever little puzzles that should get those youthful brain cells firing. And if things get a little too tricky, the game’s Mellow Mode has the answer, giving less experienced or skilful players a way to enjoy all that the Woolly World has to offer, without the heartache of regular deaths and restarts. If only more games were so accommodating.

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