Best Games for Kids 2016


Exclusive to Nintendo Wii U

Got some budding game designers? Super Mario Maker is the game for them. Nintendo’s fiendishly clever 2D platformer works as a celebration of 30-odd years of Mario history, but one that lets you get busy with the building blocks of landmark Super Mario games.

The more you play, the more blocks you unlock, enabling you to create and customise levels using a fantastically intuitive designer on the Wii U Pad. You can drag platforms, traps and enemies into place, supersize Mario’s foes or make them fly, add in power-ups, checkpoints and even secrets, then try your finished level on for size.

This is as creative as video games get, and kids will love building their own levels and sharing them with the bustling community online. Plus, with so many people creating so many brilliant levels, the fun never has to stop; there’s always someone doing something in a way that even Nintendo never predicted, ensuring that Mario Maker is a game with serious staying power. It’s a Wii U essential.

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At time of review Super Mario Maker was available for £35.