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Best Apple TV Games 2016

Rayman Adventures

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Developer: Ubisoft
Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)

The Rayman games for iOS have been an absolute delight in recent years and Ubisoft has now graced the 4th Generation Apple TV with one of its very own.
‘Adventures’ works just like the endless runner iPhone and iPad versions, with taps to jump and swipes to attack or change direction, meaning it plays very nicely indeed with the Siri Remote. The levels flow beautifully and everything feels fun and natural.
If you add a controller to the mix, it’ll play differently, more like a traditional platform game, where you’ll have full control of your characters movements and there’s no more auto-running.
Again this great-looking game (on a par with the console versions) is one of the titles that shows off the Apple TVs gaming potential as well as the advantages of adding a Bluetooth control pad to the mix.