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Best Apple TV Games 2016

Lumo’s Cat and the Co-Op Collider

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Developer: Team Lumo
Price: £2.99

Perhaps the weirdest and most enjoyable take on the tower defense genre we’ve seen in a while, the psychedelic Lumo’s Cat requires you to defend your sleeping feline friend from a hoard of onrushing mice.
Your cat’s defenders in the dream world are able to kick, electrocute, whip and blow up the pesky rodents depending on which character respawns during the level. If they mice overrun them and manage to wake the kitty then the gig is up and you’ll have to start again.

Leamington Spa-based Team Lumo have built another great-looking title on Apple’s Metal graphics API that really shines with the added screen real estate. There’s also the option of adding a second player by syncing up an iOS device for some multiplayer fun.