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Best Apple TV Games 2016

Beat Sports

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Developer: Harmonix and Tilting Point
Price: £6.99

Wii Sports meets Rock Band (or Parappa The Rapper?) in the most high profile and most fun Apple TV game released to date.
The poster child for the new remote requires you to match the rhythm of the music to achieve a perfect swing in golf, tennis and baseball-based mini games.
While the tennis (Net Ball) and baseball (Whacky Bat) games won’t cause too many problems, the golfing (Hangry Holes) activities are a little trickier as they require directional swipes of the trackpad.
The more perfect your swing (or flick of the wrist), the more points you’ll score the more levels you’ll unlock and the harder those levels get get (especially with the slightly disconcerting delay between your swing and on-screen action).
Meanwhile the various otherworldly settings and weird and wonderful characters make the visuals as fun as the action itself.
In many ways it still feels like a mini game, but it still offers a great look at the potential for Apple TV gaming amidst the sea of misfits currently filling the App Store. Thanks to the iPhone remote app there’s fun for up to four players too!