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Best Apple TV Games 2016

Bean Dreams

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Developer: Komobius
Price: £1.99

Another iOS favourite, Bean Dreams is living proof of how a traditional 2D platformer should work using the Siri Remote.
Instead of consistently hammering the jump button, a la Mario and Sonic, Komobius’ lead character is a Mexican jumping bean who’s constantly bouncing around the place anyway.
This means you only have to concern yourself with the lateral movement, which is managed by dragging a finger left and right across the trackpad. It’s surprisingly smooth going after the first couple of tries.
The idea is to complete the levels while collecting fruit and friendly creatures. Along the way, you’ll need to bounce on baddies, use springs to ascend to higher levels and avoid spikes and deathly falls. You know, the usual stuff.
The level design is pretty ingenious and there’s the added value of earning different coloured medals by going back and completing the levels in as few jumps as possible.
All in all, Bean Dreams is probably the closest thing you’re going to get to Mario on an Apple device until Nintendo gets its butt into gear.