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Best Apple TV Games 2016


Developer: Built By Snowman
Price £1.99

Another iOS hit that translates well to the larger screen is Alto’s Adventure, which is, essentially, a more refined (and perhaps less fun) interpretation of Deviant Development’s long-time favourite Ski Safari.
You take charge of Alto as he seeks to reclaim his escaped herd of llama. You have a snowboard at your disposal, but a heap of obstacles and cliff-faces lie in wait. Thankfully, as well as avoiding tripping over rocks and falling to his death, Alto likes to perform a few tricks, with backflips on long jumps and grinds on various structures enabling you to spice things up and rack up points and achievements.
It’s another title that works well due to not asking too much of the Siri Remote. All gamers need to do is click to hop over obstacles and hold to perform longer jumps and tricks. The visuals also excel on the larger screen, as the sun rises and falls during your runs. Beware though! Avoiding rocks in the dark is significantly harder.