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What is Rainbow 6: Siege?

Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Rainbow 6: Siege release date 2015

It's been over six years since we last saw a Rainbow 6 title touch down on our consoles, so the E3 2014 announcement of Rainbow 6: Siege was extremely good news for fans of the series. Plus, it's a Rainbow 6 title with a rather unique twist.

The game offers 5-on-5 multiplayer that pits two teams against each other with a single hostage in the middle. The map we played at E3 took place in a residential home, with two teams of four going against each other to secure her.

Inside the house is the group of bad guys, who must fortify the house against the incoming Rainbow 6 team who must breach in and try and save the hostage. Each group is made up of up to five team members, who must choose whether to play as the Assault, Breacher or Pointman class, each of which have their own strengths and weakness that weren't elaborated in our E3 demo.

Rainbow 6: Siege

Gameplay is split into two distinct portions - the preparation stage and the action stage. The preparation stage gives both teams a minute or so to ready themselves for the match.

If you're the defending team, you'll need this time to fortify some walls and blow out others to give you a good vantage point. You can also plants bombs on walls that can be triggered remotely if the opposing team starts to get too close to the hostage. You'll have access to security cameras that are dotted about the map too, letting you monitor how and when enemies are approaching your location.

The attacking team however have a totally different role to perform during the preparation stage. They'll use a remote controlled, wheeled drone to infiltrate the enemy base, discovering which walls are being fortified, where the enemies are located and of course, attempt to find where the hostage is being held.

Using this drone, you'll be able to see which route is the best entry point, depending on which areas the defending team has been fortifying and protecting.

Your drone can be seen by the opposing team, but they'll be far too busy preparing their base to do anything about it. They will be notified as and when you discover the hostage's location though.

Rainbow 6: Siege

Then comes the Action Stage where you'll be able to actually start breaching the now fortified stronghold. The defending team will need to keep a close eye on the security cameras to see where the enemies are coming in from, especially if they've decided, as we did, to split up and use multiple entry routes.

You can decide to rope in through windows for a little bit of stealth, or go in all guns blazing by blowing up a wall to enter the house.

But whatever you decide, you're going to have to be very careful. In Rainbow 6: Siege, once you're dead, you're dead. It's not a case of respawning in this game, as once all the members of one team is dead, the opposing team will automatically win, even if they've not retrieved or protected the hostage completely.

For the attacking team, you'll need to watch out for any walls that look untouched by the defending team, as they could have remotely triggered nitro cells behind them. These can explode and take you out in one hit, and if they don't kill you, you can bet there's an enemy standing right behind it to take you out when you're stunned.

The attacking team can also explode walls too to take out the opposition, making destruction a strong gameplay tool for both sides of the match.

Rainbow 6: Siege

Both teams have the normal array of weapons at their disposal too of course, beyond the fortification and breach tools that are key to Siege's gameplay. You can use flash grenades to disorientate your enemy while you quickly take them out with your favourite weapon, or just chuck a grenade in through an already demolished wall.

Whoever ends up grabbing the hostage can protect them with special bulletproof shields, which are quite handy when you're the attacking team and are facing one kamikaze lone defender looking to take you out before the hostage can be safely evacuated.

Rainbow 6: Siege's focus on tactful, thoughtful multiplayer differentiates it from the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield or even upcoming titles like The Division. It's refreshing to see a multiplayer game that's a little different from the rest, and hopefully the game lives up to our expectations.

Despite it's 2015 release date, the portion of the game we've seen so far looks near-finished, polished and with stunning graphics too boot, even with the fast-paced gameplay.

First Impressions

This multiplayer game requires tactics, teamwork and quick thinking. It has the quality and precision of a Tom Clancy game and the enjoyability of the fast paced multiplayer of Battlefield. The fact that it isn't forgiving makes gameplay more realistic and tense too.

Anyone who doesn't find Rainbow 6: Siege enjoyable is frankly insane and we can't wait to get our hands on the full game in 2015.

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