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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege release date: October 13 2015

Ubisoft teased Rainbow Six Siege with footage of a hostage rescue mission at its E3 2014 press conference. It was a fitting introduction to the kind of fast-paced, tactical, teamwork play synonymous with the early Rainbow Six games you can expect from the latest game.

Siege is essentially a remake of the cancelled game Rainbow 6 Patriots with a single mission mode where an elite counter terrorism unit is led by a female character (voiced by actress Angela Bassett) for the very first time. Multiplayer is the big play here though where it's essential you work together as a tight unit to complete missions.

Rainbow Six Siege 7

I spent some time with the 5 vs 5 multiplayer element of Siege taking it in turns to be part of the defending and attacking units. First was attack and it's vital that your team pick the right blend of soldiers who all have their own unique skills along with access to both primary and secondary weapons. You need to pick quickly as there can only be one of each type of soldier on the team emphasising the idea that everyone has to play their part.

Next, the team needs to all agree on a location to be based at. It's done via a voting process and everyone needs to come to an agreement. It's agreed that we start in the training section of the base before spreading out to explore the location. This is not done in person but by small ground-based drones that can be sent through windows and even jump to make it to higher surfaces. If the opponent spots the drone, they can blast it to pieces leaving with you little intel on their location.

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Rainbow Six Siege 5

Now it's time to enter the building, and the timer begins to tick down. I make it for a window, but there's already someone camped out in the room and I'm shot dead within seconds. It's now 5 vs 4. It's not going to be the first time I go down in such a short space of time and it just serves to illustrate how tough a multiplayer game it's going to be. There's no respawn so I'm left to watch from multiple video cameras where I can still help my teammates all while lamenting my short lived involvement in the mission.

Next it's time to be part of the defending unit and I pick a solder that has the ability to survey the area even through walls to help locate the infiltrators. Our first job as a team is to reinforce the room we're based with shutters to add extra protection. One of my teammates throws out some flak jackets and I'm prompted to go to the bottom of the stairs near to the room and lay out some barbed wire. Then we wait. It's silent for a while and then an explosion goes off. Two opponents have been caught on the wire and a teammate covering the door takes out another. An opponent breaks into the room and it's an introduction to the difficulty to aim when the action breaks out. This a game where shooting with great accuracy in the heat of the battle is going to take time time to adapt to.

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Rainbow Six Siege 1

I play through a few more rounds and it becomes quickly apparent how difficult Siege is and how important it is to establish a strong team relationship otherwise you're going to have no chance of succeeding.

First impressions

Siege feels like the tactual shooter that fans of the original games will love. Teamwork is essential and is a reminder of what the nature of multiplayer really means. While I generally struggled to get to grips with it, you can really sense the tension as you hone in on the right location or wait patiently for events to unfold.

The Siege closed beta is available from September 24 before it arrives in October this year giving players time to build the team rapport and get a better feel of the weaponry at your disposal. For single players, Ubisoft has also announced a new Terror Hunt mode, which feels a lot like Horde mode spread across numerous locations and game modes.

It's multiplayer though where Siege will really strike a chord, and despite my own failure to contribute more to my team's efforts, this is what is going to make Siege stand out from other shooters this year.

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