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SNES Classic Mini: All the latest news


snes classic mini

Nintendo SNES Classic Mini: release date, price, games and all the latest news

Following the incredible popularity of the NES Classic Mini (although Nintendo decided to discontinue that console), many people have hoped for news of a miniature version of the 16-bit great, the SNES.

A SNES Classic Mini is a no-brainer for Nintendo, considering how well the NES iteration sold. Plus, for every great NES game there are at least five on the SNES, meaning there are countless opportunities to stick undeniable classics on the little machine.

While information on the mini-console is thin on the ground, early rumours suggest it could arrive later this year. With the NES Classic launching last Christmas, it makes sense for Nintendo to follow up that success with another.

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snes classic mini

TrustedReviews has rounded up all the latest news regarding the highly anticipated SNES Classic Mini. Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll update it as more information is revealed.

SNES Classic Mini – What is it?

The SNES Classic Mini is Nintendo’s miniature version of its iconic 16-bit 'Super Nintendo Entertainment System'. Nintendo released a classic NES in Christmas 2016, bundling 30 games into a diminutive version of its classic console, which was powered using a USB cable and could connect to any display using HDMI.

SNES Classic Mini release date – When is it coming out?

Although not yet announced, Eurogamer reports that the SNES Classic Mini is set to launch this holiday season. It's believed that the launch of the SNES Classic Mini played a role in the discontinuation of the NES Classic Mini. Why? We’re not sure, and it doesn’t make much sense considering they're two separate products, the latter offered at a very competitive price point, so it would hardly present consumers with a “one or the other” choice.

SNES Classic Mini Games – What will we get to play?

Until the SNES is officially revealed, we won’t know which games will come bundled in the box. It's fair to assume that the best Nintendo games on the console will be included, such as Super Mario World, Zelda and Super Metroid. Plus, with Mega Man 2 coming to the NES, we can only hope that the amazing Mega Man X and Street Fighter series come to the SNES box too.

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snes classic mini

SNES Classic Mini price – How much will it cost?

The NES Classic Mini cost £50 at retail – an incredibly cheap price considering how many games were bundled. The box included one controller, with additional controllers available for purchase separately. We expect the SNES Classic Mini to cost a similar price, if not the same.

SNES Classic Mini controllers – Can they be improved?

One big problem we noted in our review of the NES Classic Mini was the incredibly short cable for its controllers. It meant needing to either sit right next to the console while playing, or moving the console to wherever you’re sitting and using a very long HDMI cable and extension cord to plug in the console.

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For the SNES Classic Mini, this desperately needs to be fixed.

Are you excited for a SNES Classic Mini? Which games would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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