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Best Laptops for Students 2014

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Looking for the best student laptop to buy in 2014? From budget to high-end, we've picked out a laptop to step up your academic game

Whether it's college or getting through that tough third year at university, we want to make sure you are well equipped in the laptop department.

Wander into any high street electronics store or trawl the masses of retailer websites and you are guaranteed to find a sea of laptops. All appear to have the software and specs to take care of writing, essays, note-taking in lectures, research and the fun stuff when you need a study break. But just because they look and sound the same, that doesn't mean they're all worth buying.

That can make it difficult to find the best for battery life, the lightest laptop to carry all day or one that offers the best value for money. Thankfully the TrustedReviews team is here to offer a helping a hand.

Whether you are on a tight budget or money is no object when it comes to finding the perfect portable, we've picked out six of the best laptops for students to buy.

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