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Best 4K TVs 2015: Top Ultra HD TVs to look out for

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Which is the best 4K TV on the market? Whether you call it 4K, Ultra HD, UHD or Ultra High Definition, we round up the next generation TVs to go for if you are ready to spend big.

Updated: 25/11/14

With HD now old hat and 3D not exactly being the revolution some hoped for, the likes of Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Philips are pinning their hopes on the next big step in TV, 4K.

Promising higher resolution than Full HD, 4K (or Ultra HD) can deliver sharper, more detailed images making it perfect for sport, getting up closer for wildlife documentaries and of course watching movies. It made sound like yet another gimmick but, trust us, once you've seen 4K you don't really want to go back.

It even improves the immersive quality of the 3D viewing experience, making the at-home 3D experience that make closer to the cinema version.

Sadly there still isn't a huge amount of 4K content out there as it requires new technology to film and even needs new connections to your TV. However, with Netflix now delivering some 4K shows (including Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black) we starting to see the tide turn and we're sure it's set to be the future of TV.

What's more as we move into the second generation of 4K TVs prices are tumbling with sets now available well below the £1,000 mark - though you'll still be paying £3,000%2B for the best models.

If you are sold on 4K TV and prepared to spend the money to own one, we've picked the best 55-inch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs to consider.

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