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Best 4K TVs 2014

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Which is the best 4K TV to buy? Whether you call it 4K, Ultra HD, UHD or Ultra High Definition, we round up the next generation TVs to go for if you are ready to spend big.

After HD and 3D, the likes of Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and Philips are among the manufacturers currently leading the 4K TV revolution.

Promising higher resolution and more pixels than 2D and Full HD, 4K (or Ultra HD) can deliver sharper, more detailed images making it perfect for sport, getting up closer for wildlife documentaries and of course watching movies.

It even improves the immersive 3D viewing experience if you are still one of those people still in awe of being able to watch Avatar in your living room just like you are back in the cinema.

The first 4K TVs have begun to shuffle into shops in the lead up to Christmas and they are definitely not cheap. Some retailers claim 4K TV prices will halve within a year, but for the time being you will need to be willing to part with around £5,000.

If you are sold on 4K TV and prepared to spend the money to own one, we've picked the 55-inch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TVs to consider.

Not ready to invest in a 4K TV? You can check out our list of the best TVs and best cheap value TVs to buy instead.

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