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Best 4K TVs 2015: Top Ultra HD TVs to look out for


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If you’re in the market for a new 4K TV, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you call it 4K, UHD, Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition, we’ve rounded up the next generation TVs to go for if Full HD just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But what is 4K? The technology can be confusing, especially as it comes under many different guises. You may otherwise know it as UHD, Ultra HD, Ultra High Definition or even SUHD, but rest assured, these terms all describe the same thing!

4K is a picture technology that quadruples the pixel count of Full HD. These pixels are usually arranged in a 3,840 x 2,160 configuration on a 16:9 ratio panel. Read our dedicated 4K guide for more.

If you’re sold on 4K and prepared to spend the money to own one, we've picked out the best curved screen and flat screen 4K TVs, ranging from 48-inches to 75-inches.

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Why should I buy a 4K TV?

Long-touted as the future of television, 4K/UHD is finally becoming mainstream and is at last making it into people’s homes. The likes of Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG are leading the charge, and their 2015 4K models are stunning.

The greatest benefit of making the leap from HD or Full HD to 4K relates to clarity. 4K TVs offer sharper, more detailed pictures, making them perfect for watching sport, wildlife documentaries and movies. What’s more, the 4K content on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube is constantly growing, so there’s loads to look forward to.

Believe us when we say that once you've experienced 4K, you won’t want anything else.

Understandably, manufacturers are keen to squeeze their Ultra High Definition panels into spectacular, super-slim bodies. We’ve therefore seen the grand rise of curved screen UHD TVs, which are real living room centre-pieces, though we think that flat screen UHD TVs are just as impressive.

Most 4K televisions offer 3D playback too, making the home cinema experience better than ever. We’re also beginning to see more and more 4K TVs with HDR support, which should make for an incredible experience when HDR content actually becomes available.

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Better still, as 4K TVs become more widespread, prices have started to tumble. You can now pick up an outstanding 4K television for around £1,000, though you'll still need to shell out at least £3,000 for the best models.

Not quite ready to invest in a 4K TV? Head over to our round-ups of the best TVs and best cheap TVs instead, or read our TV Buying Guide.

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