Kata R-106 Camera Rucksack Review


Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £225.00

If you’re a professional or a keen and fairly affluent amateur photographer, you’ve probably got substantial amount of kit including a couple of DLSR bodies, four or five lenses including at least one big, fast telephoto, a large dedicated flashgun, a battery grip, a large tripod and enough memory cards, batteries and assorted cables to stock a medium-sized branch of Currys.

Top quality camera equipment is large, heavy and expensive; a Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS USM telephoto lens, one of those big white ones used by about half the world’s wildlife and sports photographers, is 45cm long, weighs 5.36kg and costs about £6,000. Of course the trouble with owning all this stuff is that you have to take it all with you whenever you go out for a day’s shooting. I mean suppose you really needed your 600mm f/4, and you’d left it at home because it was too heavy? The ”horror”…

Unless you’re married, the only sensible solution to carrying a lot of heavy equipment is a decent rucksack, and they don’t come much better than this R-106 photographic rucksack from Kata. I’ve used and reviewed some consumer-level Kata bags before, and I’ve been pretty impressed by their clever design and excellent construction, but The R-106 is in a completely different league. This a camera rucksack for professionals, and it’s not mucking about. If you need to drag fifty grand’s worth of kit half way round the world and then half way up a mountain, this is the sort of bag you want to be carrying it in.