Huawei Y 100



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  • Affordable
  • Sensible design
  • Decent performance


  • Small, low resolution screen
  • …causing limited games support
  • Poor camera

Key Features

  • Review Price: £79.99
  • Qualcomm MSM7225A 800MHz CPU
  • Adreno 200 GPU
  • 2.8in 240 x 320 pixel screen
  • Android 2.3 OS
  • 3.2MP camera

The Huawei Y 100 is an example of what Huawei does best. It’s a highly affordable Android phone designed to get give late smartphone adopters a chance to get on the ladder that leads to the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S3s of this world. It sells for £79.99, and is quite cute and very small. But in spite of its accessibility, it makes compromises that undo some of its best efforts.


Huawei isn’t a company that’s thought of as having a massive ego. Most of its devices have had other companies’ names slapped on them, and while it’s going out on its own with phones like the Huawei Y 100, some of that humble flavour remains in the design.

huawei Y 100 1
Made of soft touch matt black plastic with some unobtrusive silver trim bits, the Y 100 is a mostly-tasteful, unassuming phone. Using a petite 2.8in screen lets it stay small, a light year away from the envelope-pushing budget handsets like the 4.3in Orange Monte Carlo, produced by Huawei arch-rival ZTE. It’s light, it’s kinda cute, and while it’s not going to convince anyone it costs much more than £100, we appreciate its sensible looks.

As is common among 4:3 aspect 2.8in screens, though, there’s a large area of empty black bezel – a reminder of quite how small the screen is here. The Huawei Y 100 uses the standard trio of Android nav buttons, which are touch sensitive and sit just below the screen.
huawei Y 100 2

Further below sit the square home button and the pinhole microphone. Its design has a less recognisable look than the larger – but similarly-priced – Huawei Blaze, but uses a glass front rather than hard plastic. Although more prone to cracking when dropped, it’s less prone to scratches with normal use.

huawei Y 100 5
Not super-slim, not fat either

Like every Android phone, the Huawei Y 100 offers high-speed HSPA mobile internet, letting you browse the net while you’re out and about. Don’t have mobile internet as part of your package? Wi-Fi n is on-hand too.

On the hardware front, the Huawei Y 100 packs a limited number of connections, but it’s an array perfectly suited to a budget phone like this. Up top we have a microUSB slot, to charge the phone and give access to its internal memory, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Under the battery cover, which makes up the entire back, there’s also a microSD slot. Without plugging one in – and there isn’t one supplied – the phone is very limited as there’s just 160MB of internal memory. huawei Y 100 3

A glance down the Huawei Y 100’s spec list reads like an archetype budget phone. The 2.8in screen is small, the 3.2-megapixel camera low-rent and simple plastic body the norm. Just one part sticks out. It uses an 800MHz Qualcomm processor, where other bottom-end Androids often have 600MHz chips. Does it make a difference? We’ll find out later.