Genius DPF-T805 Digital Photo Frame Review


Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £90.00

We’ve taken a look at quite a few digital photo frames over the past few months, including the Jessops 10.4-inch LCD Picture Frame, the Texet DPF-807, and the Kodak EasyShare W1020. So far most of them have been very good, with decent screens, easy-to-use interfaces, attractive design and good build quality, however with the exception of the bargain-priced Texet they have also been quite expensive, often over £100. Today I’m looking at the Genius DPF-T805, which is available from some online retailers for around £90.

Genius is the trading name of a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces a wide range of computer and audio-visual gadgets, some of which we’ve seen previously including cameras and graphics pen tablets, and I think the kindest thing I can say is that some of its products are a lot better than others. Fortunately the DPF-T805 Digital Photo Frame is one of the better ones, although it does have a couple of problems.

Straight out of the box the initial impression is quite good. The design is simple and unobtrusive, a plain black plastic case with a glossy finish, a row of discreet control icons down the right side, and a chrome Genius logo at the bottom. The screen itself is an 8.4-inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and an anti-reflective surface. Handling the device reveals that the overall build quality is reasonable, although the back panel does feel a bit flimsy. It also reveals that the glossy black finish is extraordinarily good at picking up fingerprints, which I guess might come in handy if it’s ever stolen.