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Xiaomi Mi5 leaks with near bezel-free design

Images have emerged purportedly showing off Xiaomi’s next flagship smartphone, the Mi5.

The snaps are reported to be fresh off the factory floor, so there’s a chance the handsets pictured are still prototypes or design mock-ups.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can garner from the images, as the phone appears to be switched off, and there’s no scale references to estimate screen size from.

There is one noteworthy feature however, namely the complete lack of side bezels on the handset.

Bezels have been slowly waning on flagships across the board for some time now, but Xiaomi has taken the bezel-binning trend to the extreme.

Fortunately the top and bottom ends of the phone still tout the expected size bezels – good for sticking your grubbers on when using the phone in landscape mode.

There also appears to be a front-facing camera, a front-firing speaker, and the Mi branding we’ve seen on previous Xiaomi handsets.

The current Xiaomi flagship is the Xiaomi Mi4, released just 3 months ago. That would suggest the Mi5 could still be quite a way off.

The Chinese manufacturer’s handset boasts a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, a 3080mAh battery, and a big old heap of controversy.

Apple design lead Jony Ive hit out at the firm earlier this year for copying his iPhone aesthetic on Xiaomi handsets.

The Xiaomi UI, MIUI 6, is also very similar to Apple’s iOS, adding further fuel to the raging Cupertino fire.

The newly leaked Xiaomi Mi5 could be compared to the Apple iPhone 6, but we’ll have to wait for better shots of the device first before making proper judgement.

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Via: Weibo