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Sonos is building Android Wear app for speaker control

Sonos is the latest firm throwing in its lot with Android Wear, with a wrist-borne app reportedly in the works.

An image has turned up on the speaker firm’s forums showing off what looks to be smartwatch-friendly software that controls Sonos sound systems.

The forum-goers seem to have confirmed that the Sonos support is only in beta-testing for now, so you’ll need to snag approval from the firm before you can make use of the tech.

The software pictured was running on the Moto 360, but it should work across any Android Wear devices – we’re talking most current smartwatch fare i.e. the likes of the LG G Watch R or the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Sonos doesn’t officially mention anything to do with Android Wear support on its beta program web-page, only stating: “Our Beta Program will allow you – our Sonos fans – the chance to be the first to try early versions of our software and products.

This means that if you sign up, and are subsequently approved, you should get access to Android Wear support alongside a host of other fresh-faced software and hardware not yet available to the general public.

The firm points out that not everyone will be so lucky however, writing: “Not everyone will be accepted into the program, and acceptance is based on the qualifications of available beta testers.”

Whether you’re accepted or not, beta testing is a good sign that this tech will make it to the general public. To make it to this stage, it will have already passed through internal alpha tests.

The app appears to offer up pause, forward, and back control, but it seems there’s no volume control functionality just yet.

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