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Moto X 2014 with Android 5.0 Lollipop leaks

Evidence of Android 5.0 Lollipop running on a Motorola Moto X 2014 has been discovered.

In recent years, Motorola has been the snappiest of the Android manufacturers when it comes to updating its handsets to the latest version of Android. Why, last year saw the original Moto X getting Android 4.4 KitKat before the Nexus 4.

If you were expecting those standards to slip now that Google has officially sold Motorola to Lenovo, it looks as if you’re mistaken. Phandroid has sourced images and information that suggest Motorola is on the Android update fast track once again.

Published screenshots seem to show the latest version of Android running on a Moto X 2014. Apparently, the build running on the phone was completed about a week ago, and has been hitting test devices ever since.

As we’ve come to expect of modern Motorola phones, Android 5.0 done Moto style is blissfully free of ‘enhancements’ from the manufacturer. Where there are tweaks, they appear to be meaningful.

For example, Motorola appears to be sticking with its own custom voice actions and ambient display software, despite the latest version of Android adopting similar features as standard. Given the strength and unobtrusiveness of Motorola’s efforts, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Motorola also appears to be bringing its own camera interface, as before – again, no bad thing given the blank canvass nature of the default Android camera app. New to this year’s Motorola effort is the ability to tweak the shutter release time.

Hopefully the update will improve the Moto X 2014’s camera at a more fundamental level, as this component was perhaps our biggest issue with the phone while running on Android 4.4 KitKat.

There’s no release date for this Android 5.0 update, as it’s still in the process of being tested internally, but it’s evidently up and running in a solid state on Motorola hardware.

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