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Moto 360 to be much thicker than Android Wear rivals?

The Motorola Moto 360 design thickness could be a lot larger than originally anticipated, according to a new report.

The Moto 360 may be a lot chunkier than we expected, with the device measuring up nearly double the thickness of its Android Wear rivals.

While the exact specifications and dimensions of the round faced Moto 360 have yet to be revealed, new information on the Android Wear watch has now surfaced.

Thanks to the Moto 360’s wireless charging capabilities, the watch will be a whopping 13.5mm thick. That makes it considerably chunkier than the 9.9mm LG G Watch and 8.9mm Samsung Gear Live, which are already quite large timepieces, especially for women’s wrists.

The source also claims that the Moto 360’s face diameter measures up at 48mm. This is puts it around the same size as the corner to corner diagonal of the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch.

What’s slightly more worrying is that the source claims that the Moto 360 will be made from metal effect plastic, rather than the premium materials we’ve been promised.

“If you can close your eyes and you can feel the grain and you can feel how authentic it is, then we have the right leather. It’s the same with metal, there’s just a quality that you can feel,” said Motorola’s Design Trends and Materials, Leslie Hicks when the Moto 360 was originally announced.

There’s no further information from the source, including what parts of the Moto 360 could be made out of metal, so we’re holding back the disappointment for now.

We’ve been promised great things from the Moto 360 in terms of materials, including a sapphire coated OLED display and decent specs.

The Moto 360 release date is supposedly happening sometime this summer, but with August already upon us, we’re rapidly running out of summer.

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