Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming to Nintendo Switch this August

Launching in Japan during August 2017 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Western fans continued to hold out hope that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate would see a worldwide launch. Now, after months of silence, Capcom has finally confirmed the news we’ve been waiting for. Perhaps Monster Hunter World emerging as the publisher’s most popular title ever helped make this decision a little easier.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate including the release date, trailers, gameplay and more!

What is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate?

It’s an enhanced version of the original Nintendo 3DS release with better visuals, improved controls and content new to the hybrid console. If you played the original on 3DS, you can even transfer over your hunter’s save data.

Acting as a sequel to the first Generations, some of you might be familiar with a few characters and locations set to appear in Ultimate.

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monster hunter generations ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate gameplay

The combination of combat and exploration coupled with accessible multiplayer action acts as the crux of Generations Ultimate. You can wirelessly team up with friends in docked or handheld mode to take on the likes of Zinogre and Nargacuya and other iconic beasts.

There’s plenty here for hardcore fans to nostalgically fawn over while also letting newcomers jump in without feeling overwhelmed. With an abundance of classes and professions to choose from, you’re bound to find something to fit your monster murdering tastes.

Generations Ultimate also features new special moves known as ‘Hunter Arts’ that are executed with a quick tap of the touchscreen. Players can experiment with six different hunting styles which will reward you with new moves by landing successive attacks. Once again, you’re encouraged to experiment with wildly different methods of play.

It’s not all about combat, though. Every mission requires intense preparation whether it involves crafting potions and buffs or tracking a monster across large, expansive areas. This is made easier and, hopefully, more fun with friends unless you prefer riding solo.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate release date

Generations Ultimate is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe on August 28.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate trailer

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