Microsoft smartwatch to Samsung Gear Fit rival

The rumoured Microsoft smartwatch might be more of a Samsung Gear Fit rival than the fully fledged smartwatch it was tipped to be.

Rumours of a new Microsoft smartwatch have been flying around the internet for some time, but a new report suggests it will be a strongly fitness focused device.

According to WinSuperSite sources, who have a very good track record when it comes to Microsoft gossip, Microsoft will release a Samsung Gear Fit inspired fitness band in the autumn.

It will take the form of a wristband, which will present your smartphone notifications, but it isn’t a classic smartwatch. Design wise, we could be looking at something along the lines of the Samsung Gear Fit and Nike FuelBand SE.

The report states that it will use “multiple sensors” to track fitness data like steps taken, calories burnt and even your heart rate throughout the day. It will then feed your data into various apps on your phone.

These sensors were tipped by earlier rumours that stated Microsoft’s fitness tracker would have a heart rate sensor, GPS for location tracking and Bluetooth for connecting to your phone.

What’s interesting is that, unlike Android Wear or other smartwatches on the market already like the Sony SmartWatch 2, Microsoft’s upcoming wrist-worn gadget is tipped to work with iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones, not working exclusively with its own platform.

Although we don’t yet know what Microsoft’s fitness band will be called, it looks like it will cost a little more than the Gear Fit. The report suggests it will launch with a price similar to the Samsung Gear 2, which would make it come in around the £249.00 mark.

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