iPhone 6 Apple logo to light up for notifications?

A fresh batch of iPhone 6 back panel photos suggest the rear Apple logo could light up for notification alerts.

Several photographs of late have showed the alleged rear panel of the iPhone 6 with the Apple logo cut out, rather than embossed on the metal panel itself.

Now, USwitch has managed to gain a look at some supposedly “market-ready” rear panels that feature a thin plastic layer covering the previously exposed Apple logo.

This could potentially be used to shine a light through for the iPhone 6, in the style of Apple’s laptop models, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air ranges.

There’s the potential that Apple could use a light up logo to notify the user of incoming emails, texts or other alerts.

However, although these back panels look a lot more clean, finished and slick than the previous ones we’ve seen, we’re still not convinced that Apple would employ such a feature for the iPhone 6.

Not only would such a light source be a major drain on battery, but it could also detract from the polished finish Apple attains with its iPhone designs.

The iPhone 6 looks to feature more rounded edges and a slimmer profile than its predecessor, the iPhone 5S, so adding that light would be another piece of hardware to cram in that slim frame.

As for the design, the HTC One M8 mimicking rear design that we’ve seen before is there, with the distinct white line breaking up the metal back panel.

So the design is looking more and more likely with each leak, but as for that light up logo, we’ll have to wait and see.

Both 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models should arrive in September running the newly announced iOS 8 operating system, potentially with the long-rumoured iWatch too.

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