iPad 5 display component leaks

We appear to have had the clearest view yet of the iPad Air‘s main display component, revealing more about the next full-sized Apple tablet’s design.

The above display part emerged on repair site Macfixit Autralia, which is adamant that this is an official and final iPad 5 component. Sure enough, as MacRumours points out, the part number stamped on the component (821-1892-02 if you’re wondering) fits with the format Apple uses on many of its iOS components.

From a design perspective, this leaked part appears to confirm that the iPad 5 will follow the iPad mini 2‘s lead. The new tablet will sport a slimmer look and a smaller surface area, despite maintaining that 9.7-inch display size.

Most notable is the panel’s super-slim side bezel, which is a marked contrast to the chunky picture-frame surrounds of every 9.7-inch Apple tablet from the original iPad to the iPad 4.

This leaked component also reveals some of the internal changes Apple is making in order to create a slimmer, smaller and lighter iPad. These include a shift to a different kind of screen connector (there are two rather than one for a start) that’s more in line with the iPhone 5 than the iPad 4.

Most commentators are expecting to see the iPad 5 launched as soon as September 2013. As well as the slimmer redesign, it’s likely to pack a greater punch with an A7 processor similar to the one likely to appear in the iPhone 5S.

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