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HTC One M9 gets RAW photo support

HTC has brought more improvements to the One M9’s camera, this time including RAW support.

The HTC One M9 has received a bit of a kicking since it launched at the beginning of March, whether due to its unchanged design, underwhelming specs, or simply through unflattering comparisons to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

But one of the biggest points of contention has been its mediocre camera, which comes after several successive failed attempts. HTC clearly wants to get this right, however, and has released several software updates to improve it.

The latest update adds a major new feature – the ability to save and send photo files in RAW format.

RAW is the file used by serious photographers, as it involves no compression and minimal processing. Files tend to be huge as a result, and typically require tinkering with in a photo editor.

This marks the first of the current batch of Android flagships to support the RAW file format. The Samsung Galaxy S6, despite its critically acclaimed camera, lacks the facility.

The forthcoming LG G4 will support the feature, while Sony recently said that it was open to the implementation of RAW support in future phones.

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HTC has brought the feature to the One M9 without the need for any kind of firmware update. Rather, it arrives as a simple update to the HTC Camera app through the Google Play Store.

Once updated, you’ll need to initiate RAW mode in the camera settings menu.