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Xbox Game Pass price will be increasing on PC later this month

Microsoft has announced that the introductory price for Xbox Game Pass on PC will be phased out later this month in favour of a higher regular fee. 

Xbox Game Pass has been incredibly cheap since it debuted on PC, costing just £3.99 for an entire month of access, largely because it has technically been in beta, a state it will be exiting on September 17 as it introduces a new price.

From next week, the service will now cost £7.99 a month, which is exactly how much it costs to gain access to Xbox Game Pass on console. Alternatively, you can join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for access to console, PC and Xbox Live Gold for £10.99 a month. 

If you’re already an existing member, Microsoft has confirmed that you’ll still be paying the original rate during the next billing cycle, so it seems this new price will only apply to new members until October, which will likely save you a couple of precious pennies – roughly enough for a Tesco/Sainsburys meal deal. 

This news is accompanied by the recent announcement of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launching on November 10, both of which will leverage Xbox Game Pass as a fundamental part of the console experience. You’ll be able to play over 100 games and all of Microsoft’s first-party games on the day of their release. Beyond these, games will circulate on a regular basis with new additions.

Xbox Game Pass on PC is great, and even has a few exclusive offerings such as Crusader Kings 3 and Gears Tactics. The client used on Windows could use some work and isn’t the smoothest in practice, but hopefully this will improve now the service is set to come out of beta. Here’s hoping it will continue to improve as the next-generation of consoles arrives in the coming months.