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Best Samsung Gear VR apps and games

Temple Run VR

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Price: Free

This is a great example of how virtual reality can even give mobile games a new lease of life, simply by switching the perspective from third to first person.

Most should be pretty familiar with the endless runner by now. You are being chased by angry gorillas and need to run away picking up as many coins as you can on the way.

With the Gear VR, you’ll need to swipe on the touchpad on the side of the headset to change direction, jump or duck underneath objects, all while those vicious apes are breathing down your neck. This is where the Note 4’s 3D spatial sound technology really works well to create the effect that you are being chased.

The impact of the change to first person view definitely adds a new dimension to the gameplay making it one of the most fun Gear VR games to play.

Comfort rating: Comfortable for few