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Best Samsung Gear VR apps and games


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Price: Free

Another puzzler, this one is based in just one room. Testing your ability to move objects using a combination of the Gear VR’s head tracking and the touchpad to levitate objects, Esper has been developed using the Unity game engine.

It’s set against a 1970s backdrop where humans are being tested for telekinetic powers and you are found to be one with those special set of skills. Challenges range from simply placing a cube onto a platform to moving a beachball through a series of intricate pipes.

It’s a bit like brain training for the Gear VR and has the makings of a fun game. This is just a demo but there’s a full game on the way, which you’ll have to pay up for. But it could be well worth the investment if we get to try out a greater variety of puzzles.

Comfort rating: Comfortable for most