Best Android Wear Apps: LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Essentials

Wear Mini Launcher

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One of the most irritating aspects of Android Wear is trying to find apps. That’s because they are hidden away at the bottom of Google Voice Search. You can talk to your G Watch or Gear Live to launch them or for a more traditional Android setup, use Wear Mini Launcher. This essentially brings an app drawer to your watch.

You can view the app drawer by swiping right with two fingers on the main view all of the downloaded apps. Within the smartphone version of the app you can adjust icon size, the style of the drawer and how many columns of apps to display. It works straight from the watch main screen and brings a more familiar look to Android Wear making it much easier to browse downloaded apps. It can have the odd moment where the drawer doesn’t appear but if you want a version of Android closer to the one on your phone, this is a great app to help do it.

Price: Free

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