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The Android platform is not exactly stuck for quality news reader apps. We’ve already seen top notch products such as Pulse and Weave, but ChannelCaster is still worth a look because of the slightly different approach it takes to sourcing and presenting content.
Rather than just relying on RSS feeds, ChannelCaster can pull content from a broad range of sources including YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and even general topic searches, which leads to a more varied and interesting information browsing experience. Content is shown as a series of tiles, and when you tap on each one you get a brief summary of its contents. Tapping on them again opens them in the relevant app – the browser or YouTube player. That may sound a bit long-winded, but in reality the app feels fast and fluid to use.


If you’re looking for a news reader app that offers a wider selection of media, it’s worth giving ChannelCaster a try.

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