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Niall Magennis



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The iPhone is not exactly short of streaming music services now that Apple has approved the likes of Spotify and Napster. However, those services charge a monthly fee and not everyone wants, or can afford, to sign up to a long term subscription. These are the people that Psonar is targeting.


Like Spotify and Napster, Psonar offers music streaming, but unlike those two services, it doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Instead, it uses a pay as you go model. You sign up to the service, buy some credits and then it charges you 1p every time you stream a track. To get you started, Psonar offers 20 credits for free to all new users, so you can try out the service first.


Psonar's pay as you go music streaming service is a welcome alternative to the subscription models used by the likes of Napster and Spotify.

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