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Best GTA 5 Mods


GTA 5 Mods

The best and craziest mods made for GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the most best and most fun open world environments players have been given to frolic in. Between the chaos you can create in the single-player mode and the free-wheeling and creator-based shenanigans available in GTA: Online, players can spend literally months tooling about in Rockstar’s superb sandbox, losing themselves in its urban nightmare completely. But what if that isn’t enough?

What if you fancy flying over Los Santos like Superman? Or turning the whole place into Waterworld? How about using a gun that fires cars instead of bullets? If all of this sounds bonkers, well bear in mind, they’re just three of the mods created for GTA 5 – and if you own a PC version - you can add a bit of an edge to your travails through Los Santos. We hasten to add, however, none of these work in GTA: Online.

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1) Sink the city

If you’ve wanted to see what Los Santos would look like after a natural disaster, you can always download a mod that makes the city look like it’s just been hit by a tsunami. The water doesn’t cover the entire city – there are some rooftops in downtown and the hills up in Vinewood are still above water. However, if you take a walk down the road from Michael’s house in Rockford you’ll find that you’ll have to swim if you want to head anywhere south of there. Dive beneath the waves, and you’ll be greeted with a rather eerie sight; vehicles and pedestrians hover in the space between the surface and the newly-created seabed and vegetation wafts lazily in the currents. It’s like GTA 5 crossed with Waterworld.

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GTA 5 Mods

2) Deprive it of all its water

If you don’t fancy swimming around in downtown Los Santos, you may prefer dirt-biking through the seabeds just off its coast. One mod allows players to drain the map of all of its water, drying up both the ocean and every river that runs through the outlying areas. As has been mentioned, this creates a lot of pathways and obstacle courses for motorbike and cycling enthusiasts. It also allows you to get a closer look at what exactly is on the ocean floor without the danger of running out of air or being eaten by a shark.

3) Shoot cars at people

What’s better than a gun that shoots explosive rounds? How about a gun that shoots cars? Download yourself the Car Cannon mod and you can turn any of your firearms into a vehicle-flinging menace. While this sounds like a pretty useless – if fun – gimmick, wait until your wanted level kicks up. Remember that a lot of these cars that you ‘fire’ (in actual truth you spawn them at 90-mile an hour in front of you) out of the gun explode on impact, which keeps the boys in blue at bay for quite some time. Have you ever shot down a helicopter with a car? Now you can.

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4) Use a gravity gun

Then again, why limit yourself to firing cars at AI enemies, when you can fire… well… anything that isn’t nailed down instead? Pick up cars. Pick up bikes. Pick up pedestrians. Then fire them in any direction you fancy. Then again, you can also use the Gravity Gun to pick up enemies and hold them underwater until they stop flailing about, you sadist you…

5) Fly through the city

You can already fly through the skies of Los Santos with a jet or a helicopter, but how would you like to do it without any vehicle? As though you were Superman? With the Nice Fly GTA 5 flying mod you can defy gravity and hurtle through the sky at pretty fast speeds, all with the aid of a magical parachute backpack. We’re not sure how high up you can fly or if the parachute works, but you get to pretend you’re a superhero for a bit and Los Santos does look so pretty from up on high.

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GTA 5 Mods

6) Be a cop

So in GTA you’ve pretty much always taken the role of a criminal – and we know that this has caused you some moral conflict. Indeed we do. So why re-balance the scales and take on the role of one of Los Santos’s finest? The Police Mod allows you to re-skin your avatar and gives you access to all the police vehicles - cruisers, helicopters, trucks and the like – and you can even listen to and respond to calls on the police scanner.. Also, you never pick up a Wanted level.

7) Be a better criminal

We’ve all been there: it’s 4am in the morning in Los Santos, there’s no one around and you feel like indulging your inner Ed Gein. So you mow down some poor, innocent AI pedestrian and even though there wasn’t a single solitary soul within view or earshot, you’ve picked up a Wanted level. Well, if you download the Crime And Police Rebalance Mod, you require witnesses before someone calls the Five-O. The rise in your Wanted level is also slowed, so you have to rack up a hefty amount of carnage before the boys in blue arrive.

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GTA 5 Mods

8) Take a space jump

Los Santos offers a plethora of platforms for aspiring daredevils to base jump; if you’re of the opinion that the skyscrapers downtown have lost their edge, you can head off to the outlying areas and leap off a cliff. The planes at Los Santos Airport can only rise so high – unless you’ve downloaded the Space Jump mod. This slight alteration allows you to take a plane beyond the game’s usual event horizon and freefall for ages. We warn you, though: it’s a long, long way down.

9) Do some hitchhiking

Normally, when you get into a car some AI schmoe is driving, you have no choice but to grab them by the scruff of their neck and hurl them to the tarmac, hijacking their vehicle. But what if you want to take in the sights while letting someone else do the driving? The Simple Passenger Mod allows players to jump in the passenger seat and either inform the AI where you’d like to be dropped off or let them take you wherever they’re heading. And you still have control of the radio.

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GTA 5 Mods

10) Drive a train

Why buy Train Simulator when you can download a mod for GTA V and have the same experience. With better graphics. And smoother interface. And the ability to quit and cause havoc in the streets the moment the whole thing becomes unutterably boring? …

… Actually, why buy Train Simulator? Let’s get back to that!

All the GTA 5 mods can be downloaded here. Let us know if you've got any favourites in the comments below.


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