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Would you ride in a driverless Uber? The Refresh


Welcome to The Refresh, a weekly series from TrustedReviews where we pick out the week's highlights from the tech world.

This week's top story:

Driverless Uber: Uber has launched a new scheme that will see passengers ferried around in self-driving cars, ushering in a new age of driverless taxi services. For now though, all cars will still have a co-pilot driver who will make sure nothing goes wrong.

Could this mark the beginning of the end for Uber drivers and would you ride in a driverless taxi?

Also in the news this week:

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LG Projectors: LG has announced two super portable, battery powered projectors that can flood your wall with up to 100-inches of televisual awesomeness.

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August 19, 2016, 5:15 pm

Will become the standard for air travel arrivals and departures, will pick you up/take you to destination from and to airports, on arrangement sync time {location specifics} with travel agents and monitorisations {authoritarian} after booking holiday, airports would then be 'more' secured from joe public terrorist, with carrier/passengers as guests to & from airports whom are scanned in autonomist taxis whilst travelling.
Aren't allowed to walk in/out of airport without prior arrangements of travel-cars and getting/being in one.
When scanned on arrival to airport, lock down would occur upon ai suspicion awareness protocols, probably get gassed an the police would be called.
Automoton follows the script, regardless of your panicked natures.
Blah blah blah. no taxi no fly~#

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