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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could be coming to Europe in January


Galaxy Note 5

Samsung's latest flagship phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, could be arriving on these shores in January.

When Samsung launched its slinky Galaxy Note 5 phablet back in August, it came with a bitter side-note. It wouldn't be launching in the UK or Europe.

Samsung provided vague statements about reassessing its decision based on "consumer needs and the specific market situation," but without a firm commitment to a wider launch we were left disappointed.

Some hope has arrived, albeit from a somewhat dubious source. According to Romanian tech blog Gadget-talk (via TechRadar), a source 'close to Samsung Romania' has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 5 could be coming to Europe in January.

As we say, this claim should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, with no evidence or corroborating sources available to back it up.

Still, it remains an oddity that a company of Samsung's size and reach would keep one of its best and most prestigious devices to a few select territories. Particularly when its main rivals are launching high-profile productivity devices with advanced styluses.

We're talking, of course, about the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would certainly appeal to a similar (or at least overlapping) market.

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Of course, the Galaxy Note 5 hasn't been without its controversy since launch, with a high-profile design flaw seeing it possible to insert the S Pen stylus the wrong way up.

Regardless, it's a uniquely equipped phablet that we'd love to see launched in the UK.

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