UFC 3 release date, trailers, roster and everything we know

EA Sports has released a brand-new trailer for UFC 3, and also confirmed its release date.

After posting the below teaser, we now get to see much more from the game, including (finally) weigh-ins and face-offs!

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Trusted Reviews has covered all the information from the trailer and also added the latest info below.

EA Sports UFC 3 release date – When can I play it?

EA Sports UFC 3 will launch on February 2, 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. It is not known yet whether or not the game will utilise the additional power for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

EA Sports UFC 3 trailer – How’s it look?

Take a look below at the debut trailer for UFC 3:

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Below is our wishlist of additional features we’d love to see in EA Sports UFC 3.

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More entertaining training modes

Training for a fight in the Octagon is one of the toughest things any person can ever do. It’s gruelling, intense, and requires incredible mental and physical strength for a competitor to survive any training camp. The drills themselves can also be pretty boring, lifting the same heavy thing over and again, running laps until you can’t breath and eating a crappy diet to make weight.

This is a video game of the sport we know and love, and as much as we appreciate the realism that translates in the cage, it is, ultimately, a game. Because of that, the experience still needs to be fun, so it’d be nice if the training drills added a bit of fun to the long stints in career mode.

I’m not asking EA to discredit the hard work fighters put into training – we’re not expecting Mighty Mouse to start battering a car or Cris Cyborg to Test Her Might – but the mechanics could at least keep things varied a little.

Perhaps knockout drills trying to steam through as many training dummies as possible with haymaker blows, or smashing melons with savage leg kicks, improving movement by hitting the heavy bag while on a balance beam, just varied ways to make training a little more interesting.

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Let me be a judge in online matches

One of the most famous phrases in the UFC is “never leave it in the hands of the judges”, well, what if those hands were in fact ours?

A dedicated online mode where players could watch others duke it out, and actually score the fight themselves, could be a great addition. EA Sports UFC is as fun to watch as it is to play, as a knockout can land at any moment, so I could see myself watching a few fights and acting as a judge.

No more special guest DLC fighters

The UFC brand owns an extensive back-catalogue of amazing mixed martial arts companies, boasting hundreds, if not thousands of fighters which could feature in legacy modes. I’d much prefer a K-1 or Pride mode rather than see the likes of Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee feature in the game as paid DLC or pre-order bonuses.

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ufc 2 mike

K-1, Strikeforce, Pride, I want it all!

The UFC’s amazing back-catalogue of promotions could also be used to relive some of the greatest fights from these promotions in a UFC Ultimate Legacy Mode.

Games such as WWE 2K do an amazing job letting us replay some of the greatest matches in history, and EA Sports UFC 3 should be no different.

Getting the chance to play out awesome fights like Don Frye vs Takayama from Pride or Pettis vs Henderson in WEC’s final PPV would be an interesting package. There could be objectives within the fights to pull off moments as they actually happened in the fight to add much more depth, too.

That’s what we’d like to see from EA Sports UFC 3. Got a suggestion of your own? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!