Apple AirPower price could send you running for the nearest Lightning cable

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is likely to cost iPhone fans a pretty penny, if a leaked retail listing proves accurate.

The long-overdue charging solution will cost around $199/£199 judging by the price posted by Polish shopping site X-Com. ThinkApple reports the retailer is offering the mat for 999 Zloych.

Although that works out as $274/£207, the report points out that similarly priced items sell in the US for $199.

Given Apple has taken to selling products for the same amount in pounds and dollars we can expect Brits to be paying anywhere from £179-£199.

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Reports of the lofty price tag will surprise very few members of Apple’s loyal fanbase.

Many of those will be splashing out $1,000/£1000 for the iPhone X handset on Friday so an extra couple of hundred to charge the thing wirelessly isn’t welcome.

Worth it for convenience?

Apple announced the AirPower mat during its iPhone X reveal event in September.

The pad is able to wirelessly charge the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Those phones all have glass backs to assist with the inductive electromagnetic charging feature.

It also works with the Apple Watch Series 3 as well as the the AirPods earphones, providing you have the new case Apple unveiled in September.

Apple is yet to reveal exactly when the AirPower mat will go on sale, but has promised it sometime in 2018.

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