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By Sandra Vogel



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If this all sounds very low level, well, it is. But again, Sagem has managed to make what is a very basic screen look pretty good. Remembering the poor screen design of Motorola's low-cost MOTOFONE F3, the my150X is a beacon of what can be done with low specifications.

Getting around the phone is not a problem. The old fashioned looking menu structure might put some people off, but there is very little to learn in order to get around effectively. There are six top level menus: contacts, messages, calls, settings, extras and alarm. A dot-based progress bar tells you that you are moving through these as you press left and right on the navi key.

Even the ringtones, plinky though they are, are a reasonable selection and if the plinks don't appeal there is a standard old fashioned ringer to fall back on. The ‘features' include vibrate mode, a speakerphone, calculator and a calendar, but the latter only tells you the date - it can't store appointments. In fact memory is non-existent, so contacts and text message storage is limited to what your SIM offers.

I am not too excited by Sagem's proprietary mains power adaptor - it is just something else to carry around - nor with the battery life itself which Sagem quotes as 3 hours of talk time. True, an entry-level handset like this is not going to be a gas guzzler, but I'd have liked the confidence to spend a long weekend away without having to use mains power.


Gripes about mains power connector and battery life aside, the my150X is the best, ultra low-cost, entry-level mobile I have seen. Yes, it's low on features, but it proves good design and a tight budget are perfectly compatible.

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  • Value 8
  • Usability 8
  • Features 5
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