Find reviews of the latest LG TVs for Over £1200.

  1. LG 65LA970W

    LG 65LA970W

    First Review: LG enters the 4K fray and it's another outstanding entry

  2. LG 55LA790W

    LG 55LA790W

    Is this 55-inch TV's beauty more than skin deep?

  3. LG 55LA860W

    LG 55LA860W

    LG designs the best looking TV going, but what about its pictures?

  4. LG 55LA740V

    LG 55LA740V

    Does the LG 55LA740V live up to its £1450 price tag?

  5. LG 84LM960V

    LG 84LM960V TV

    LG continues the Ultra HD revolution with this impressive 84in monster.

  6. LG 55LM760T

    LG 55LM760T

    Designer looks & features galore give the 55-inch LG 55LM760T TV serious shelf appeal

  7. LG 47LM860V

    LG 47LM860V

    LG’s flagship edge LED TV is good, but not as perfect as we'd hoped it might be.

  8. LG 55in OLED TV CES
  9. LG 47LM960V

    LG 47LM960V

    LG’s latest ‘Nano’ TV looks amazing - but those looks come at a picture quality cost.

  10. LG 42LM670T

    LG 42LM670T

    LG’s classy start to 2012 continues with this excellent mid-range 42-incher.

  11. LG 55LM660T

    LG 55LM660T

    LG kicks off its 2012 telly season with the largest model from its new mid-range LM660T series. And the results are nothing if not spectacular.

  12. LG 55LW980T 'Nano'

    LG 55LW980T

    LG makes passive 3D tech a genuine high-end proposition with its new 55in ‘Nano’ TV.

  13. 55LW650T

    LG 55LW650T

    The first of LG’s new passive 3D TVs is here. But will it have the active 3D fraternity quaking in their boots?

  14. LG Infinia 47LE8900

    LG Infinia 47LE8900

    Feed this 47-inch LED LCD television a diet rich in high definition and you will be impressed.

  15. LG 47LD950

    LG 47LD950

    LG takes the passive 3D approach with this 47in LCD TV.