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By Jamie Harrison



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General Electric G2


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Images from the G2 are well exposed, if sometimes a little on the bright side. This leads to over exposed skies, but plenty of detail in midrange and shadow areas - such is the nature of small CCDs and their limited dynamic range.

Colours are bold and punchy and the camera does a good job of keeping sharp edges. There's a little bit of aggressive processing and JPEG compression, which can lead to some increase in artefacts at times, but nothing too sinister and a common problem with compacts. Fringing is evident in areas of high contrast but again this is often to be expected, especially at this price point and the G2 generally maintains good control of this.

Images at high ISO are remarkably noise free and clear. I take this to be down to an effective noise reduction system as lower ISO images are marginally grittier. However if this is the case then full marks for a very good performance in this contentious and tricky area. Incidentally, there is no NR option in the menu, hence the theory of noise reduction taking place automatically.


Having approached this camera with a healthy scepticism, I've come away pleasantly surprised. The camera has a pleasant enough build, is small and easy to use and produces pretty reasonable results, especially considering the price and target audience.

While there's some issues surrounding the image quality, for the most part it is good enough for an entry level user to take pictures that they will be more than happy with.

Monkey Boy

July 11, 2008, 2:34 pm

Thanks for the review Jamie

But have a look at your fingerprints on the main product shot - I think I have a chamois leather somewhere you can borrow ;-)

The Pope

July 11, 2008, 6:19 pm

I thought the same tbh BUT it serves as a fortunate demonstration of how potentially end-users will cover their own G2 in fingerprints... though is it really any worse than an iPhone / iPod / my Nokia etc? :P

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