Friday emails: Kickstarter, the Moto G7 Play and BT’s new logo

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Welcome to the weeky Trusted Reviews emails page. We want to know what you think, ideally while avoiding the blood letting of unmoderated commenting, so here we go. Thanks to all the people who emailed in and please email in yourselves to continue the conversation.

What a lovely logo

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, with the new BT logo. I think it’s subtly brilliant. Just think of all the brainstorming, imagination and money they didn’t have to bother with, by typing two letters into a Word document and drawing a circle around it. Surely a perfect symbol for the times.

–J Finch

Far be it for us to criticise logos, we’re on our fifth we think, and it still doesn’t quite fit its allocated space in the menu bar.

Pay away

I just wanted to point out your review of the Moto G7 Play doesn’t mention that the phone doesn’t support Google Pay, which is an important omission I think.

–Yonca Turali

Thanks for that, Max our Phones Editor agrees and we’ve amended the review accordingly.

More on the redesign

Regarding your response to the email last week about your redesign, I just wanted to add my voice. I find the site just doesn’t work on my iPad Mini and I keep having problems browsing pages in Safari. So anything you can do to address these issues would be great, thanks.

— Saif Ali

We’ve started rolling out changes to the design, initially to non review pages like this, and I hope you’ll have noticed these pages are much lighter and faster – as well as easier to read – than the previous versions. We’ll be applying the same changes to the rest of the site shortly, and we’re looking at a new homepage too. So there’s lots to come. Please keep letting us know how we can improve.

Make money from your drone?

We were reading your post on the UK drone laws. We wanted to let you know about an inaccuracy in the post. The post says, “in addition, you need to register with the CAA if you’re planning to use your drone for “commercial purposes. This may sound like it doesn’t apply to you, but it extends to things like monetising your YouTube channel or personal blog, however meagerly.”

The CAA website has clarified their intent for commercialisation, and it does not include filming for a blog or YouTube where the monetisation is advertising for example. It is only considered monetisation if you were paid for the drone use/imagery.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for the post, we found it quite useful.

— Nicole & Jeremy,

Thanks for the clarification, we’ll update the article.

Apple build quality

Last week, you asked whether other people were having problems with their Apple products. After 20+ years of being a Microsoft fanboy, doing the occasional superuser tapdance at a few companies – my wife got me to try her iBook and gave me an iPod Shuffle.

Never looked back.

Build quality IMHO is better sourced, planned, maintained than most products this side of reality. I’m writing this [obviously] on my latest [10.5”] iPad and waiting for a 12” version of the standard model as soon/if they come out with one.

— Ed Campbell

One reason we asked the question was because of numerous online reports about the recent Macbook Pros, containing flimsy keyboards. To be fair, Apple gear has been criticised for its robustness since people first discovered iPhones got scratches if put in a pocket. Fair or unfair criticism? Let us know.

You’re obviously biased, aren’t you?

I think you must be working for Samsung. The Vivo Nex phone you rated uses the same fingerprint scanner as the OnePlus 6t so I don’t understand how you can say is inferior. Also you’re basically knocking the phone for having an extra screen – why? Even if you rarely use it, its just an added bonus.

— Scott Clements

Max, put that Samsung job offer away, they’re onto us! No. We disagree, that’s all. We think a second screen is a bit pointless and just drains battery life and adds unnecessary expense and complexity, much like adding a third set of wheels to a car.

Kicking off about Kickstarter

I’d love to hear your thoughts and indeed any additional insight you might have on the number of failed projects on Kickstarter and other such platforms. Having been stung twice now for amounts in excess of £100 it does seem to be that some of these are venture-raising exercises with very limited accountability for all the funds raised. This raises the questions – what was the actual motive, was it honourable and where did the money go?


It’s an interesting question and you aren’t the first to ask it. We’re cautious about services like this, because of the high risk of failure, the very limited benefits you get as an investor, and the way they play the “we’re only a platform” card when it suits. We believe projects like this are best approached as a punt – you certainly shouldn’t be putting in money that would hurt you to lose. 

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