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Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 2? Head-to-Head

The Apple Watch Series 2 is out now with a brighter screen, faster processor, built-in GPS and waterproofing. But does it make the Apple Watch a must-have smartwatch?

Evan Kypreos (@EvanKypreos) and Richard Easton (@ChocoJetpack) go Head-to-Head debating if the Series 2 is much of an upgradeand whether the new Apple Watch is now the ultimate fitness tracker.

Evan says…

The Apple Watch series 2 is not only a terrific smartwatch, but a great fitness tracker.

The second-generation Series 2 offers a significant upgrade over the original, which I own. The screen is brighter (1000 nits), the new S2 processor makes everything feel snappier, and even the battery life has improved. It’s a good two-to-three days before I have to clamber for the charger.

It’s one of the best fitness trackers, making use of a range of sensors including a heart rate monitor and GPS. Waterproofing means I can take it swimming, too, which is something I wish I could have done on the original.

It all adds up to a more refined and enjoyable experience. It’s not perfect and it’s quite pricey, but I’m a big fan of the Apple Watch Series 2 – you should definitely buy it.

Richard says…

Apple is definitely targeting fitness enthusiasts with the Series 2 and while it’s a solid smartwatch, there are loads of better fitness tracker and wearables on the market.

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Starting from £369, the new Apple Watch is significantly more expensive than other, arguably better fitness trackers. The Garmin Vivosmart HR, for example, is less than a third the price.

There’s no doubt the Apple Watch is a great looking watch, and the watchOS 3 software is a joy to use (even if it is still a bit slow), but there are far too many gimmicky features to warrant the high price.

The Series 2 is much better than the original Apple Watch, but it’s still not worth the high asking price, in my opinion.

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