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You can save hundreds on your next TV by literally waiting a month

A new piece of research has shown once again the virtue of patience, with the prices of top TVs from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony often tumbling by thousands after just a few short months on sale, netting you huge savings.

TV tech might progress a little bit slower than other areas, but it’s easy to get excited about the latest round of improvements, whether it’s higher peak brightness, new HDMI standards or better motion resolution.

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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest developments, then it can be tempting to rush out and buy the latest set as soon as it’s on store shelves. But new research conducted by Which? suggests that all it takes is a short couple of months for these new TVs to tumble in price, saving you literally thousands.

For example, the LG C8, which we considered to be the best OLED TV around until we reviewed the Panasonic FZ952, launched at an eye-watering price of £4500 back in March, but now (at the end of July) retails for around £3000. That’s a £1500 drop in price over just four months.

Looking at the price data for the C8, you could have saved £500 by waiting just one month, so you really don’t have to wait long to save.

Turning to the Panasonic FZ952 it’s a similar story. The TV launched for £4000 back in March, but saw a smaller drop to £3500 at the beginning of July.

The rest of the TVs in our guide through the best TVs of 2018 have benefited from similar reductions in price. The Samsung Q9FN launched at around £3500 and has since shed a couple of hundred pounds to land at £3300, and the Sony AF8 launched at £3769 before falling to a current price of £3000.

If you’re prepared to wait longer, then the savings can be even more incredible. The 55-inch LG B7, one of our favourite TVs from last year, has dropped £1200 off its price since originally going on sale, with £700 of that price decrease occurring in its first four months on sale.

There doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rule with how quickly TV prices fall. Some shed much of their value in the first month of going on sale, while others take four or five months, but the overall trend is clear and pretty obvious — the longer you wait the more you save.

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