The best cheap TV deals in the UK for February 2019

Best Cheap TV Deals: If you’re in the market for a new television set, check out these cheap TV deals.

Buying a new TV can be a fraught process. This is a major investment in so much as it’s going to be providing a chunk of your entertainment for a number of years to come.

Beyond doing your research on the best TVs (which is something the TrustedReviews team is happy to help with), you’ll want to grab the right deal. Fortunately, now is a really good time to go shopping for a new set, with average prices as low as they’ve ever been.

For around the £500 mark you can now expect to get a large 4K TV from a respected TV brand. You can also expect to get HDR support for that sort of money. Spending double will secure you an OLED TV, which will give you inky blacks and vibrant colours.

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Whatever you’re after, we’ve assembled the following deal guide to help with your purchasing decision. We’ll be updating this feature regularly, so you keep it bookmarked if you’re not intending on making a purchase imminently.

Keep in mind that you might want to complete your home cinema set-up with the purchase of a soundbar. We’ve assembled a Best Soundbar Deals guide to help you with the audio side of things.

Here, then, are the best TV deals from the UK’s best online retailers.

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All prices were correct at time of publication but are subject to change at a moment’s notice. Be sure to act fast to snap up any TV deal you’re interested in.

Best Amazon TV Deals

Philips 43PUS6753/12 4K Ultra HD TV

A big 43-inch 4K HDR TV for this little money is almost insane, especially considering its Philips' latest 2018 model and has ambilight.

Hisense H65AE6100UK 4K Ultra HD TV

An early Black Friday bargain. You'll be hard pressed to find a 65-inch TV anywhere else for as low as this.

Samsung 55NU7500 Curved Ultra HD Smart 4K TV

The best deal you'll find for a curved TV.

Philips 43PUS7303/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV with Ambilight 3-sided – Dark Silver

This is a great offer, especially if you’re not after a super-large display. You get 4K, HDR, Android Smart TV, and Philips Ambilight support.

Best Argos TV Deals

Hisense H50A6250UK Smart 4K TV

No, your eyes don't deceive you. You can pick up a 50-inch 4K HDR TV for less than £400 and you can chuck some Nectar points into the bargain.

Panasonic 55 Inch TX- 55FX550B Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR

Get a good chunk of money off this solid 55-inch 4K TV from Panasonic, complete with HDR support.

Samsung 49NU7300 49 Inch 4K UHD Curved Smart TV With HDR

A great price for a curved Samsung TV with a 4K resolution, HDR support, and intuitive Smart TV functions.

Best Currys TV Deals


A stunning price for LG's 2018 B8 OLED model. This has premium picture quality with Dolby Vision, 4 HDMI ports, and built in Freeview Play and Freesat HD.

Samsung LV32F390SEXXXU 32" Smart Curved LED TV

Ideal as a second TV in a bedroom or study, this 32-inch set has a 1080p resolution and an immersive curved form factor.

Best Richer Sound TV Deals

Sony BRAVIA KD55AF8BU 55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV Freeview HD

A gorgeous Sony OLED with a big discount and 6-year warranty.

PRC Direct TV Deals

LG OLED55B7V 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

An LG OLED from 2017 that if you bought it then would have cost you £3000. The fact that you can now get it for just £1100 makes it huge bargain. Get it before it disappears.

Best John Lewis TV Deals

LG 60UK6200PLA 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Supports LG's WebOs smart interface as well as the brand's ThinQ AI technology which has Google's Assistant voice control built-in. Exclusive to John Lewis & Partners.

Sony KD-49XF9005 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Super mid-range TV that's available for an absolute steal of a price.

Best Very TV Deals

LG55UK6300PLB Ultra HD 4K LED TV

A budget 4K TV that supports LG's WebOS, Freeview Play, Netflix and YouTube. A good choice for games thanks to its IPS screen which should have lower input lag than other types.

Hisense H65U7AUK 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

You can take off a whopping saving off this ginormous 2018 model from Hisense. Beats Amazon's price for just a couple of pounds.

Samsung UE49NU7100, 49 inch, Ultra HD 4K Certified, HDR, Smart TV

Not a QLED of course, but a fraction under £400 for a 50in Samsung 4K TV is a deal that’s not to be missed.

Hisense H65A6200UK 65 inch, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV

This is a fantastically priced 4K set given its large 65-inch size.

Best eBay TV Deals

Samsung UE43NU7020 Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

A cheap, cheerful 43-inch 4K TV from Samsung that’s even cheaper here. Which makes us cheerful.

Samsung UE43NU7020 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD WiFi Smart LED TV with HDR

A 4K Samsung Smart TV with HDR support for less than £300? That can’t be bad.

How to choose a cheap TV deal

Sony 4K

Back in the day, 4K was a luxury limited to the very top echelons of the TV market. But since 2015 the price of a 4K TV has dropped to the point it’s now pretty easy to pick one up without spending oodles of cash.

It’s a good idea to read up on the best TVs of the moment, which you can do with our Best TV guide. But for most of us, picking up a good TV deal is just as important.

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But before you go rushing off to buy the first 4K TV you see, be warned, 4K isn’t the badge of quality it used to be. Nowadays, 4K, or Ultra HD as some manufacturers like to call it, is just a descriptive term telling you exactly how many pixels your screen can display at any one time. There are all manner of more important technical questions you need to answer before parting with your cash.

First of all, think about what size you need. The idea of a 65-inch beast may be appealing at first, but you’ll need a stand and, more importantly, a room big enough for it. A bigger TV might not be as expensive as you might have thought, however. It’s worth having a look at the next size up of a model you’re interested in (provided you have the space).

40-inch: This is about as small as you’ll want to go for a 4K set. You’re unlikely to get much in the way of smart features and screen brightness can vary depending on the manufacturer. However, for a spare room or bedroom, a 40in effort is a decent bet.

43-inch: The next size up and likely more popular than 40in sets considering prices between the two sizes aren’t too dissimilar. The extra screen real estate might seem meagre, but it’s worth the extra cash.

49-inch: Another common size point for most TV manufacturers and the one that will comfortably sit in most UK lounges.

55-inch: The breaking point where you enter big screen TV territory. The screens generally cost more than their smaller siblings, but if you have the space they’re great for movie binging and split screen gaming.

65-inch: These are generally the biggest screens you’ll get without having to sell a kidney. Though they’re generally more expensive, there are still some cracking deals on 65-inch TVs if you know where to look and some aren’t that much more than a 55-inch model. With Black Friday soon here, it could be the right time to make the upgrade to a 65-inch+ TV (if you have the space).

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There are a multitude of different operating systems being used on TVs at the moment, each of which features very different user interfaces varying features. If you’re buying for someone that’s not too tech savvy, you may want to stick with something they’re already familiar with.

HDR is another important consideration as it can take your viewing experience to a whole new level. HDR TVs earn their street cred by having a much greater colour spectrum to delve into over their 4K-only cousins. Those additional colours create a higher level of contrast which becomes apparent the second you lay your eyes on a HDR-enabled screen.

A plethora of companies have been quick to jump on the HDR bandwagon, utilising the extra oomph in their latest products. On the streaming side, Netflix, Apple and BBC iPlayer have already begun offering HDR-ready content.

The BBC broadcasted both the World Cup and Wimbledon in both 4K and HDR through its iPlayer app on compatible TVs. Before that, it trialled broadcasting Blue Planet II in 4K HDR. Needless to say, the image quality is a massive step up from standard Full HD content. You can see a list of compatible TVs iPlayer supports for 4K HDR here.

In the world of gaming, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro make full use of HDR technology to make their games pop in a way that true audio-visual purists have been clamouring for.

Needless to say, there’s now no shortage of content that take advantage of HDR for enhanced visual quality.

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The issue is, not all manufacturers are being entirely honest with their use of HDR branding. Some cheaper brands claim to offer high dynamic range, when the TV doesn’t actually meet the formal HDR standards more established players have agreed on.

As a rule of thumb, when buying a 4K HDR TV keep an eye out for UHD Alliance HDR or Dolby Vision branding/certification on the box if you want the best picture quality.

Keep in mind the TV’s speakers, too. As TVs get thinner, sound quality is often sacrificed. It’s simple physics that a bigger speaker is able to move more air to create better sound. So as TVs become more razor-thin, sound quality often takes a hit. Some TVs still sound better than others, and some manufacturers have gotten clever with how they deliver sound.

Certain Sony Bravia screens use the entire display as a speaker, for instance. Otherwise, if you really care about sound quality, check out our Best Soundbar Deals page for some top bargains to go with your cheap TV.

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