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Sharp demos smartwatch display to make 5-day charge a reality

Sharp may have just revolutionised wrist-borne tech with a new display built for battery longevity.

The currently unnamed 1-inch screen could see charge cycles rise from a pitiful 1-2 days up to a marginally less pathetic 4-5 days.

How does it manage this? For starters, it’s a liquid-crystal display that boasts a slightly underwhelming eight colours.

With such a limited hue range, there’s no surprise battery life is on point.

It also ditches a backlight for a reflective layer which illuminates the display pixels via ambient light.

Unfortunately this means you won’t be able to use the watch in complete darkness, but it’s assured to be on point on bright sunny days – Blighty’s counted out then.

Another feature set to lessen juice-guzzling is embedded semiconductor storage, which means the screen will temporarily store the image displayed to lower battery usage. Sony uses similar technology in the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact.

Sharp even went as far as suggesting the 1-inch display could be 1000 times more energy efficient than alternative display technologies.

It all sounds very exciting, but Sharp’s display is just a prototype for now. There’s no telling when – or even if – the screen will make it onto consumers’ wrists.
If it does make it to market however, then the new display could help assuage consumer concerns that smartwatches just can’t offer the levels of usability that wristwatches provide in terms of lifespan.

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